Agarwood A+


10g, 25g, 50g


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Agar Chips

When Agarwood A+ is burnt, the fragrance that emits is so Divinely Powerful, Strong and Distinct. And so Exotically Fresh and Pure that it engulfs the environment with a Heavenly Mesmerizing feeling that is so Holy and far beyond any worldly experience.

خشب العود

Agarwood A+ Unbeatable, Unmatchable, Delightful, Mystique and Natural own aroma is a Signature Fragrance for the host who is so Classy, Unique with a very High Standard of his/her own and securing a highly Top position while simultaneously being so Simple, Humble and Approachable. And who is so distinctly Fresh, Pure and Clean in his/her thoughts, actions and manners.

The fragrance wraps and sways the guests entering the room where it is burnt into a Welcoming, Heavenly and Warmly feeling. It also gives the environment a feeling of Peace, Harmony, Holiness, Friendliness and Security, and thus makes the guests comfortable.