We always strive to give our best, when it comes to understanding the importance of selecting the right tree. We take extreme care to make sure that the right tree is identified through our years of experience. Our talent makes it a priority to preserve and maintain the Oudh al Hind purity and natural aroma while skilfully extracting the resinous heartwood.

What makes RoyalOudh’ Oudh al Hind distinct and Unique?

Royal Oudh uses Organic Aquilaria Agallocha species of trees and it’s resinous heartwood is meticulously and scrupulously extracted through the process of hydro distillation. This ensures that Oudh al Hind retains its natural, pristine and authentic natural aroma. Royal Oudh ‘Oudh al Hind’ mark of genuineness in its dark and dense texture which matches the resinous heartwood and also provides a long-lasting fragrance that lingers, ever so gently when applied. Today, we are proud to say that Royal Oudh ‘Oudh al Hind’ is and will continue to be the signature fragrance for both men and women.