An aroma that fully characterises and resembles nature’s divineness, freshness and pureness that is ever so heavenly, enchanting and irresistible– a fragrance that’s far beyond any worldly experience.

It gives a Heavenly and Divine feeling not only to the person wearing it but also spreads in his surroundings thus creates positivity, which benefits mentally and emotionally.

It gives a warmth feeling of holiness, purity, peace, harmony, friendliness and hospitality to the environment where Agarwood is burned.

An aroma that’s so gentle yet so hot, intense, powerful and unrefined that it gives an ecstatic and mystical feeling of being and blending with natures own fragrance and beauty.

It gives a gentle yet hot feeling and enhances the elegance and gracefulness of a lady when she applies it.

It gives a hot yet gentle feeling and enhances the aristocratic and robustness of a man when he applies it.

How is Oudh al Hind distinct apart from other attars and fragrances available today?

Oudh al Hind with its natural therapeutic and aromatic properties is the world’s most expensive royal fragrance available, which is said to be as precious as Gold. Its strong, heavenly, and pure fragrance makes it distinct apart from other attars and fragrances available today.


Oudh al Hind phytochemical investigations, pharmacological activities and medicinal properties reveal its benefits from following health problems:

Pleurisy;  Kidney and liver problems;  Chest congestion;  Asthma;  Ailments of throat;  Thyroid cancer;  Coagulant of blood;  Impotency;  Colic, nausea, Shivering, digestive, bloating, puking and diarrhea problems;  Lungs tumors;  Cardiac problems;  Epilepsy;  Rheumatism;  Smallpox;  Fever;  Cold and Lack of concentration and alertness.