Suifi Kadeem Khalis


3ML, 6ML, 12ML

Oil specs of

Agar Oil

The fragrance of Suyufi Kadeem Khalis is as Unique, Unrefined, Distinct, Exotic, Classy and Mesmerizing as its name.

means Elite and Highly Prestigious

Suyufi Kadeem Khalis

yet so Down-to-earth and so Clean and Pure. So highly contrasting and distinct its name so is its fragrance, immensely Divine and Heavenly. A Signature Fragrance for the person who wears it by depicting his/her characteristic of being Elite in class and/or holding a Highly Prestigious or Leadership position while simultaneously being so Simple, Humble, Approachable and Down-to-earth.

سويوفي قديم خالس

The fragrance also tantalizes the wearer surrounding with Divine and Heavenly feeling and also simultaneously mesmerizes a feeling of Friendliness and Hospitality.