Moateq Kadeem Khalis


3 ML, 6 ML, 12 ML

Oil specs of

Agar Oil

It is said old is gold. And these proverbial words apply to Moatak Kadeem Khalis too, as it is originated when Amiri Kadeem Khalis is preserved and aged for over 25 years. This procedure enhances the fragrance and so makes Moatak Kadeem Khalis more distinct and uniquely Powerful, Strong, Unmatchable, Delightful and Mystique of its own than Amiri Kadeem Khalis.

means King of all kings

Moatak Kadeem Khalis

Unique with a very High Standard of its own yet so Natural, Humanly and Humble. So highly contrasting and distinct its name so is its fragrance, immensely Divine and Heavenly. A Signature Fragrance for the person who wears it by depicting his/her characteristic of being very Powerful, very Strong, highly Unbeatable, highly Unreachable, securing a very Top Position and Class while simultaneously being extremely Natural, Humanly Humble and Down-to-earth.

معتق قديم خالس

The fragrance tantalizes and mesmerizes the wearer surrounding by setting a unique ‘Mark of its Presence’ with a strong Divine and Natural Aroma which is very strongly noticeable and unavoidable.