Kadeem Khalis


3ML, 6ML, 12ML

Oil specs of

Agar Oil

The fragrance of Kadeem Khalis is as so Unique and Unrefined that it envelopes the wearer and his/her environment with an entrancing Ecstatic and Mystical aroma which is so Pure, Natural and Heavenly.

means Majestically so Pure and Natural

Kadeem Khalis

yet so Humble and Down-to-earth. So highly contrasting and distinct its name so is its fragrance, immensely Divine and Heavenly. A Signature Fragrance for the person who wears it by depicting his/her characteristic of being Naturally and Heavenly so Fresh, Clean, Pure and Classy while simultaneously being so Simple, Humble, Friendly and Down-to-earth. It also depicts the wearer characteristic of being Contemporary yet so Fresh, Clean and Pure in his/her manners, thoughts, approach and actions.

قديم خالس

The fragrance also tantalizes the wearer surrounding with divine and heavenly feeling which is so Fresh, Clean, Pure, Natural and Friendly.